Aztec Challenge outline

Mud Run

Aztec Challenge is a three stage trail race on foot that is
held over a one/ two day stretch determining on the race
length, challenge of the course, and length in the day
depending on the season. All races will be held in State
Parks to bring awareness to the competitors, spectators
and everyone else who becomes familiar with Aztec
Challenge. The races will be structured by timing and a
point system for the top 30 racers. All points are
accumulation based and every competitor who previously
placed and received points will carry over their points to
stage two and then stage three of the event. At the end
of the event the competitor with the most points wins.
If the point system draws a tie then the racer with the fastest overall time wins. If there is still a tie then the racer with the fastest second lap wins. This is due to some people having an advantage in the first lap or last lap.. meaning a fast starter.. or a back end racer. Our #1 rule: you can only run barefoot or with 5 finger shoes. The rest will be coming.

There will be a 10% donation made to one of our charity events we are associated with

  • Susan G. Koman
  • Craig D. Tifford
  • World Wildlife for endangered wild animals

Point system per lap

Prizes for top 3 competitors


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